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Anna's Story

     If you wanted a heartwarming story with a happy ending, then look no further than Anna.
Life dealt this beautiful kitty with a bad hand. Whenever things seemed to get better,
something would happen that would make it turn 180O. However, in the end, she went from
a terrible situation to the fairy tale ending that we wish for all homeless kitties.

It’s not entirely clear how long Anna was in the streets prior to her rescue. She was found
living in a dumpster, and her rescuer decided to take it upon themselves to care for the stray.
However, due to reasons out of the rescuer’s control, Anna had another challenge to face:
other cats. She was bullied relentlessly, and it seemed no matter how much intervention
was taken, Anna was going to be treated as an outsider by the resident kitties. Because of
the incessant bullying, Anna developed a fear of other cats. A gut-wrenching decision had to
be made, and the rescuer gave Anna up to LCCR in the hopes that she could find a loving

Anyone could tell just by looking at Anna that she is a sweet and loving girl. She developed a
deep connection with humans. To her, humans saved her, and nothing seems to express how
thankful she is towards them. Whenever she sees a human in the room, she prances to them
and starts talking up a storm! Her expressive eyes can speak a thousand words, but she
always had a silly side where she wants to keep her humans guessing. There was something
special about her.

After staying with a LCCR foster for a year, the chance that Anna was hoping for finally
presented itself. Although she has always loved people, she struggled to get comfortable
around them. She may have needed a human to love her, but they also needed to have
patience. Luckily for her, two appeared before her! They checked off everything in her
checklist: no cats, loving and patient personalities, and an environment where she can feel
safe. After some tender loving care, Anna has finally felt like she found her family! She’s
living the high life, and she couldn’t be happier! Her owners have stated, “She is doing great
and loves her new home!”


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