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Anson's Story

Anson was rescued by someone who found him crying and pawing at their window during a snowstorm. He was five
months old. His rescuer brought him in, dried him off, warmed him up, fed him, then contacted Loving Care Cat Rescue.
We took him into our foster network and placed him in his new forever home.
One year later, his adoptive mom reported:

“It has been a rollercoaster of a year with this kitty! He struggled to
gain weight, was slow to grow, had a few bouts of tummy troubles,
and had to go on allergy medication until his first birthday because he
was obsessively grooming and had given himself bald spots. The good
news is he overcame all of it and is now a thriving, fluffy, and very
active boy… One minute he’s doing parkour off our walls and the next
he’s fast asleep. He likes to help me clean the house and even follows
me when I’m running the vacuum.

The other half of his hyperactive personality is his cuddly side. He is
always purring! His meows are these little squeaks that just melt our
hearts. He loves to be near a human or one of the other cats,
especially big brother Linus.

He just had his yearly exam and he is in excellent health!

Thank you for choosing us to adopt him! We are forever grateful for
everything the rescue does and for allowing us the opportunity to
adopt three amazing little fur babies”

P.O. Box 153
Lemoyne, PA 17043

lovingcarecatrescue at gmail.com

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