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Bleu's Story

Bleu had a rough start when he entered this world, and it got a little harder even after his rescue.
He was found during a Trap-Neuter-Return project in 2015 and was taken in by one of your foster
caregivers. For 3 years, Bleu was fostered with LCCR hoping to find his forever home. During this
time, he met some hardships while he was waiting for his family. He thought he found his family, not
once, but twice. Unfortunately, luck was not in his favor, and he was returned to the rescue. As time
continued, he developed stomatitis, an illness where the mouth becomes inflamed to the point where it
becomes difficult to eat, talk, or even sleep. To overcome the pain, all his teeth were extracted.
Things became a little better for Bleu, but he still craved a family.

Oddly enough, during the worst of COVID, Bleu’s luck began to change. When people desired companionship
during quarantine, many animals were adopted into new families. In September of 2020, a couple came to
LCCR looking for a kitty, and they saw Bleu. They adored him and brought him into their home. Bleu’s
dream finally became a reality! Now he’s given endless amounts of love and enjoys the company of his new
friend! “He is amazing! The sweetest, most confident boy. He starts every day with some wet food gravy
(only gravy) and play time with his sister girlfriend (Emmy). Plays sometimes. Snuggles all the time.
Comes and signals when it is time for us to come to bed. Flops over for scratches and belly rubs countless
times a day. The best cat. We are obsessed with him.”

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