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Celine's Story

One night, a lowly carrier was placed in a church parking lot. To the shock of the discoverer,
tiny meows were heard coming within the crate. Upon further investigation, a litter of kittens
were discovered to be left in the unattended carrier. LCCR was contacted about the situation,
and the litter was taken in by a foster. One of these kittens was Gila, and she and her siblings
were fortunately rescued from this harrowing experience.

Her foster mother provided her with the love and care she desperately needed. Though she was the
tiniest kitten, she had a distinguishable purr that resonated like a tiger! This is what grabbed
the attention of one family on December 5, 2021. The daughter of the family heard the kitten’s
resounding purr and instantly fell in love. Thanks to her “singing,” Gila successfully found her
family! Since she was beginning her new life, she was given a new name: Celine!

Now Celine is given more love than she thought was possible! To her surprise, not only did Celine
find her family, but she gained a new sibling to share her life experiences: a dog! Once the two
laid eyes on each other, they bonded immediately. To this day, the two refuse to leave each other’s
side. Celine’s family couldn’t be happier as her mother has stated:

“She has brought us nothing but joy and humor since entering our lives. We chose the name Celine
since she is so vocal about her meals, “singing for her dinner”. We are extremely grateful to
the wonderful volunteers at Loving Care Cat Rescue, they helped us in our journey to find the
perfect addition to our family.”

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