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Quinn's Story

     “Rough” doesn’t nearly define what Quinn had to endure. The first five years of his life were a mystery;
there was no previous information regarding his family, or if he even had one. A rescuer discovered
Quinn and saw that the black cat was barely surviving; he was abandoned outside in the harsh elements,
and his health was on the decline. Quinn was captured and rushed to Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma
Center in Mechanicsburg, where he started his long road to recovery. The veterinarians discovered he
was suffering from several health issues, including Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), and they
started his treatment immediately.

After Quinn’s treatment was complete, a foster family arrived to pick him up from the emergency center.
Unfortunately, things were not going well. He continued to have urinary tract blockages. His foster
family tried everything to help Quinn overcome his ailments: medical care, dietary needs... you name it!
They decided to send him to a specialist in Lititz, where they were told that the most viable option was
perineal urethrostomy surgery. Though the procedure would be stressful, it was the best option, and
Quinn was all for it! Whenever he was due for a veterinary visit prior to surgery, he would always behave
his best – as long as the staff were willing to give him some love in return!

After his procedure, Quinn had to recuperate. His foster family made sure to give him extra love and
attention during the recovery process. One of his favorite things to do during this time was watch
cat videos on his foster mother’s laptop! The healing process was extensive, but he now had a new
mission in life: to find his forever family!

This surprisingly didn’t take long! On August 10th , 2021, an application was sent from a family who
saw Quinn’s profile online. Quinn’s foster mother recalls the encounter:
      “They had a previous cat who had just recently
       passed away, reminding them of him and having similar
       special needs. It was a perfect match. The two
       children in the family fell in love with him right away,
       and tears of joy ran down the daughter’s face.”

Quinn went home to his new family just five days later! Periodically, the family will send pictures,
showing that Quinn (now named Chewie) has found true happiness!

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