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Rosebud's Story


Rosebud and her three siblings were found in a backyard in
Breezewood. The property owner noticed a fox hanging
around and feared for their safety. Fortunately, we were
able to spay momma, who was feral, and relocate
her to a safer area where she has shelter, food and
water. We were also able to bring Rosebud and her
littermates into our rescue.

Here's what Rosebud's adoptive mom has to say...

"It has almost been six months since we adopted Rosebud,
now known as Peppermint Patty (Patty for short). I just
wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the
opportunity to bring her into our family. She has grown
so much from the tiny kitten she was when we brought
her home, if only you could see the beautiful cat she is
becoming. As she grows, her coat is seeming to fair more
on the medium to long side, and at only 8 months with
more growing to go we think she will be a big girl. Just
that much more of her to love! She has definitely chosen
me as her person, and I am beyond honored to be. She
has two sisters, which she is clearly the boss of. She loves
toys and cat trees, which she has plenty of. She sleeps on
my pillow with me most nights and keeps me company
wherever I go in the house. She has completely stolen
my heart."

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Lemoyne, PA 17043

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